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 CTR achievements 2009

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PostSubject: CTR achievements 2009   17/5/2010, 14:52

surely its time for the CTR achievements 2009!!


Best WR course
Best WR lap
Most improved player
Best battler
Best teacher
Most creative (new techs, SC's etc)
Best course vid
Best lap vid

copy and paste the above and right down your top 2!
then in several weeks time i will create poll for the most popular.

I go first

Best WR course - Turbo track (me ) and Papu's pyramid luca
Best WR lap - linkzer crash cove and crash68 turbo track
Most improved player - Lorys
Best battler - i dont know this area, sorry
Best teacher - for me crash68, luca
Funniest - alpha and amara
Most creative - qwerty (however fake lol) and djamnctr
Best course video - lorys coco park and crash68 polar pass
best lap video - crash68 polar pass and ntropy44 mystery caves

your turn
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PostSubject: Re: CTR achievements 2009   17/5/2010, 15:16

Cool ! I wasn't here, but when I see, I would say...

Best WR course - V4E, HAS
Best WR lap - C68, HAS
Most improved player - /
Best battler - /
Best teacher - V4E, C68
Funniest - Luca xD
Most creative - Qwerty haha
Best course video - C68 Polar Pass and Oxide Station
best lap video - C68 Turbo Track and Tiger Temple

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PostSubject: Re: CTR achievements 2009   17/5/2010, 15:43

Sorry sam but LinkZer's coco lap as the best WR lap is just an insult...
Best WR course -> luca papu / luca tiny
Best WR lap -> c68 turbo / luca mystery
Most improved player -> c68 no doubts
Best battler -> me xD
Best teacher (for me) -> Luca
Funniest player -> Luca, Lorys & Layoso (alpha is not funny, is gay)
Most creative -> Qwerty I agree
Best course vid -> Is lorys' vid in 2009?
Best lap video -> bohhh
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PostSubject: Re: CTR achievements 2009   17/5/2010, 16:26

Best WR course : Dragons Mines By Luca, Roo Tubes By Sam
Best WR lap : Turbo Track By Me Sad , Crash Cove By LinkZer ?
Most improved player : Lorys!
Best battler : Pzim
Best teacher : Sam
Funniest : Hum... Hard to choice xD
Most creative : Qwerty, even fake...
Best course vid : Blizzard Bluff By Luca
Best lap vid : Mystery Caves By Me
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PostSubject: Re: CTR achievements 2009   17/5/2010, 21:46

Best WR course : Turbo Track by Sam ; Roo Tubes by Sam (because it's with PAL, with NTSC it's not so good, so luca's Dragon Mines is harder to beat xD)

Best WR lap : Crash68's Tiger Temple (the 28"28 was incredible at the time, and he made sub 28 this year so def the best xD) ; LinkZer's Coco Park (not that good, but he created a new technique there, just like pardiez with TIger Temple)

Most improved player : oxide the best, and Crash68.

Best Battler : Chuck Norris

Best Teacher : Nobody is good. Maybe Mingroni.

Funniest : You alcoholic Dad staggering with a bottle of Jack Daniels on the street singing Sweet Caroline at 3 AM, while your Mom is getting banged by my big meaty cock.

Most creative : there is no doubt it's luca1033. Crash68 is not far behind.

Best course vid : Qwerty's Tiger Temple and Qwerty's Polar Pass (what, they're the best vids xD)

Best lap vid : Alpha's Coco Park, Qwerty's HAS (again lol)
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PostSubject: Re: CTR achievements 2009   

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CTR achievements 2009
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