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 Dragon Ball Official Thread

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Official Thread   Dragon Ball Official Thread Icon_minitime27/5/2014, 00:12

Dragon Ball Official Thread DragonBall_logo

Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Dragonball) is an internationally popular teen and young adult media franchise, though it is also popular among younger children. It consists primarily of one manga series created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, four anime series, seventeen animated feature films, an American live-action film, collectible card games and other collectible products, a large number of video games (still being produced), and action figures. Dragon Ball has an extensive online fanbase and is consistently one of the most frequently searched-for terms on Google, Yahoo!, and Lycos.

The story and characters of Dragon Ball were partly inspired by the Chinese folk novel Journey to the West, though they diverge from the novel very quickly. The plot follows the adventures of the lead character Son Goku (based on the Monkey King of the folk legend, Sun Wukong) from his childhood through his adulthood. The story includes elements both of action and comedy, though the series became more action-oriented over time.


In late 1984, the first issue of Dragon Ball appeared in Weekly Shōnen Jump, the same anthology magazine where Dr. Slump had previously been published. The series was then published weekly and on a very tight schedule (14 pages per week, plus title page) for nearly eleven years, ending in May 1995. In total, 519 regular chapters and one bonus chapter were published. Unlike American-style comic books, Dragon Ball was largely produced in black and white. Some small number of pages in a subset of issues were colorized for emphasis. During the run of the manga in Japan, it was reprinted in (an eventual total of 42) tankbon (Japanese graphic novels). Unlike the original print run of the manga, the previously colorized pages were reprinted only in grayscale.

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Dragon Ball Official Thread
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