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 ctr4ever proof system clarifications

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PostSubject: ctr4ever proof system clarifications   4/10/2015, 05:03

Quote :
1)you're not playing with an emulator (but on a TV...)
How do times on the Playstation Vita relate to this? It's rare that I hook up my PS1 to my TV so I usually play on my Vita nowadays.

Quote :
pictures aren't allowed in english if you don't have any video.
Is there a reason for this?
I only have the American version on my PS1 and I don't there's a language setting other than English. I have the PAL version on my Vita, so would setting that to the glitched Japanese or another language be sufficient?
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PostSubject: Re: ctr4ever proof system clarifications   4/3/2016, 12:25

these quotes are outdated...

I believe that is good to play on psVita, just play the original games without patches and modifications and it'll be good

long time ago we were more unexperienced about different versions of the game, so the major fear of people were player starting to use cheats (whose are illegal in ctr4ever). the fact is that in PAL version the only cheat available is "ice cheat" which in many tracks is a disadvantage, but in NTSC version of the game in time trial is possible to use the "super turbopad cheat" whose is a huuuuuuge advantage, so in order to avoid times done with cheats, we have started to ask videos. but actually now we can know if the time is done with cheats just watching a photo, so no problem Smile

i'm sorry i just realized that this post was from 1 year ago D:
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ctr4ever proof system clarifications
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