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 LinkZer's classification of players

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PostSubject: LinkZer's classification of players   21/2/2010, 18:51

He did a classification time ago and now he asked me to post it here. He says maybe some of this will remember to yourself xD Here is:

According to my criteries, CTR players divides in many types:

Normal players: These players have played CTR some time, but although they liked it or not, they see it like a game more and they will play it again just for fun.

Interested: They like the CTR, they have it in their favorite games list, but they only play it and play it, without wishes of imrpovement, not even to complete it.

Adventurers: Ok, they like the game, and their only one goal is to complete the Adventure mode, they ask advices, help, cheats, etc. Normally when they complete the Adventure (101%) they transforms to OxideManiacs, but there are some people that leave the game, becuase boring or another causes.

OxideManiac phase 1: These players are among the most abundant. Having completed the Adventure, they know they unblicked all characters they seen in it, even a secret character (Fake Crash). But there are only one that they saw but they couldn't unblocked: Nitros Oxide. So they ask for help, search cheats and they do anything to know how to get Oxide. Thats why mostly of OxideManiacs believe in almost all fake cheats about Oxide, even the most stupid cheats.

OxideMania phase 2: The last transformation of an OxideManiac. Is more intelligent and he knows the true about Oxide. Although he wont give up and will do anything to get it.

Depressed OxideManiac: Having known the true about N. Oxide, and OxideManiac can evolve to his phase 2 or transforms into a Depressed OxideManiac. Knowing that he doesnt have the needed things to get his lovely character, fall in depression and could keep playing for fun or leave the CTR forever.

CTR Gamer: They are good players (mostly intelligent). They like the game and want to complete it all, Adventure, Arcade, Time Trial, Cups, everything! Generally these good players go over the good side and could be the future generations and promises of CTR.

Death Gamer (or Cheater): These poor black sheeps are the Dark Side of a CTRGamer. In their quest to complete it all as fast as possible, they fall in the tantation of search, ask and use cheats. Worst of all is that they leave to a side the adventure, the arcade, cups ... even they could leave the game... This is mostly because cheats get the things easier and in the end you get bored. Do you know why is bad to use cheats?

Initiatied: This is when the player discover and decides to get in ctr4ever. He initiates in teh art of the Time Trial, upload times and is everytime pending of his ranking though he doesnt understand it too well. We can point the Initiated between the standards Newbie until Intermediate D.

Practitioner: He calls himself beginner (in any way) and worship to his superiors like they were gods. In this phase of his life is very happy because always he beats a position in ranking he gets so happy that would make a party, and when he downs a position he motivates even more. In this phase is where the player is seduced again for the Dark Side of CTR. We can point him between Intermediate C until Expert B.

Professional or Pro: The player becomes quiet (there are exceptions) Everything learned in theory, he tries it in the practice really. (The Practicioner thought he did it all well, but he didn't). He dosn't get so happy to beat one or two in ranking, he only will get happy if he beats since 5 players to more.

Super Interested: They like a lot the game, they have it in their favorit games list, play the adventures, cups... They even can do videos and upload them but just that! They aren't interested to improve.

Liar Applicants: They say that they will improve in Tim Trial, that are training, that they will upload their times to ctr4ever... They can really training, really improving, but for some reason NEVER, NEVER get in ctr4ever. Some of these last some days and then disappear forever, but others stay all the life saying that they will get it and NEVER does it.

Desoriented Initiatied: They saw Pro's videos in Time Trial, but for some reason they doesn't know about ctr4ever. But they doens't stay idly. They upload videos too and try to improve. But in the end they get tired and leave the wish of improvement.

NOTE: Something good about the OxideManiac is that he believe in the most famous fake cheat to unblock Nitros Oxide too: Beat him in Time Trial. Thats why the OxideManiac tries to beat him and he may improve. Thanks to this or another thing, an OxideMania can evolves to Initiatied
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PostSubject: Re: LinkZer's classification of players   21/2/2010, 20:32

or else there is the Evil OxideManiac, who, after he learnt that oxide can't be unblocked, will lie to others pretending he got it, sometimes even posting false "proofs".
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PostSubject: Re: LinkZer's classification of players   22/2/2010, 10:33

pretty classifications xD
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PostSubject: Re: LinkZer's classification of players   

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LinkZer's classification of players
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