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 Hello CTR!

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PostSubject: Hello CTR!   18/8/2013, 06:06

Hi there! My name is Herty, and I've been a fan of CTR since I picked up the game when I was 4. 13 years later I've been playing this every summer during my holidays to Spain on my PS2 (love the backwards compatibility). It's been great fun trying to beat times from years back.
However, in doing this I eventually found CTR4ever, and seeing some of the times on there amaze me. I've managed to get a basic grasp of sacred fire and ultimate sacred fire, but I'm struggling to make use of all these fancy techniques to get a top time. My times on most tracks vary between expert/hero standard.

If there is any advice people could give me on how to improve or anyone interested in tutoring me that would be awesome. Right now I'm just looking to see what the community to this great game is like and here to introduce myself!

See you on the tracks!
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PostSubject: Re: Hello CTR!   18/8/2013, 17:50

hello xD the forum is not active butsome people still are in here like me xd
you can improve your times watching the videos of the pros in youtube and reading the profesional guide also:

good luck Cool Cool 
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PostSubject: Re: Hello CTR!   30/6/2014, 18:27

Hi, welcome to forum
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PostSubject: Re: Hello CTR!   

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Hello CTR!
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