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 Glad I found this place

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PostSubject: Glad I found this place   19/5/2015, 01:13

I didn't know a community for CTR existed! For a long time, I've known deep down that Crash Team Racing is a fantastic kart racing game. It really spoiled me on kart racers, and every time I play a new one, I can't help but compare it to CTR. Nothing I have played is as good.

I've played through this game (I have the NTSC version) countless times, but, amazingly, I did not know that N. Tropy was an unlockable character until recently. Now, going through time trials, I'm wanting to try to see how I stack up against the top racers. I'm not expecting to break any big records (at least not right away), but I think it will be a fun challenge.

I've browsed the forums a little bit and learned a few things, but I've still got some more questions so I'll start some threads about those. I hope to learn more about one of my favorite games, and I look forward to meeting you. And who knows? Maybe I'll break some of your records one of these days. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Glad I found this place   19/5/2015, 02:27

hello guy and welcome to the CTR community!

Hope you will be happy here.

I'm fan of a lot of karting game to, and my favourite is CTR to ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Glad I found this place   29/5/2015, 00:55

Hey! Welcome welcome
I hope you do well and improve a lot here! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Glad I found this place   

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Glad I found this place
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