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 The modes of CTR

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Crash Cup 2nd place
Crash Cup 2nd place

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PostSubject: The modes of CTR   22/7/2009, 11:39

The Modes of CTR

Adventure Mode
In Adventure mode you select one racer out of the original eight and are sent into a hubworld to win races on each track.

The Story:
Nitros Oxide will destroy Earth if you do not defeat him in a race. You must prove that YOU are the fastest and deserve the right to race him in the final. You do this by racing for first place in 16 tracks and 4 boss battles. If you manage to do this, Oxide allows you the right to challenge him. If you beat him, he demands you collect all 18 relics and race him again. Only then will he leave Earth defeated.

In order to collect trophies you must come first in lap 3 of a race.
In order to collect CTR Tokens you must collect the letters C, T, and R, and come first in lap 3 of the race.
In order to collect a Relic, you must finish 3 laps of a track in under the specified time depending on the relic you wish to achieve (Sapphire, Gold, Platinum).

After collecting all four CTR Tokens of one colour, you can race the respective Gem Cup. This is four back-to-back races of the tracks which had the CTR Token in the colour you are racing. In a Gem race, you collect points based on the positions you come in. The player with most points wins. Each Gem Cup unlocks a boss for use in all other modes.

Adventure mode can be completed 101% by collecting either Gold or Platinum Relics in all tracks.


N. Sanity Beach
Crash Cove
Roo's Tubes
Mystery Caves
Sewer Speedway
Boss: Ripper Roo (Roo's Tubes)
Crystal Challenge: Skull Rock

The Lost Ruins
Coco Park
Tiger Temple
Papu's Pyramid
Dingo Canyon
Boss: Papu Papu (Papu's Pyramid)
Crystal Challenge: Rampage Ruins

Glacier Park
Blizzard Bluff
Dragon Mines
Polar Pass
Tiny Arena
Boss: Komodo Joe (Dragon Mines)
Crystal Challenge: Rocky Road

Citadel City
Cortex Castle
N Gin Labs
Hot Air Skyway
Oxide Station
Boss: Pinstripe (Hot Air Skyway)
Crystal Challenge: Nitro Court

Gemstone Valley
Slide Coliseum
Turbo Track
Red Gem Cup
Blue Gem cup
Green Gem Cup
Yellow Gem Cup
Purple Gem Cup
Boss: Nitros Oxide (Oxide Station)

Time Trial Mode

In Time Trial mode you select a racer from any of the 15 available and perform three laps on a chosen track in order to achieve the lowest time possible. After finishing all three laps, your time and best lap will be saved. Up to five of your lowest course times and your one fastest lap can be saved to the scoreboard. You also have the option of saving a ghost of your performance if you have two open blocks on your memory card.

If you manage to make a fast run of a track, N Tropy's ghost will appear on that track. If you manage to make a faster time than his ghost, he will leave and Oxide's ghost will appear. A yellow star will appear next to that track's name. If you manage to outrun Oxide's ghost, a white star will appear underneath the yellow one.

Beating N Tropy's Ghost on every track will unlock him as a playable character. Beating all of Oxide's ghosts will unlock the Scrapbook option on the main menu, allowing you to view the scrapbook at any time. You cannot unlock Oxide by beating all of his ghosts.

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode allows you and up to three others to take part in races with six players. Either 'Single' or 'Cup' can be selected; and the computers can be set to 'Easy', 'Medium' or 'Hard'.

Here everyone races on the chosen track for 3, 5, or 7 laps. The person who finishes the last lap in first place wins.

A cup (four tracks in succession) is chosen and everyone races all four tracks back-to-back. Points are awarded after each track. 9 for a winner, 6 for second, 3 for third and 1 for fourth. The player with the most points at the end of the four races is the winner.

In single player, finishing all four cups in first place unlocks tracks for Battle Mode, depending on the difficulty.
Easy: Parking Lot
Medium: North Bowl
Hard: Lab Basement

VS Mode

VS mode plays like Arcade Mode but only human players will enter. This allows for 1-on-1 racing to avoid computer controlled characters from interfering by using items, etc. It will also lag less, allowing for smoother racing. However, at the end of a race each player's time is not shown like it is in Arcade Mode.

Battle Mode

Battle Mode sees characters put into one of the unlocked battle arenas and attacking eachother with weapons. Two exclusive weapons exist in Battle Mode: Turbo Engine and Invisibility. Players can play a game based around points for successful hits (such as first to 5), Time Based (such as most kills within 5 minutes), or Life Limit (each player has a certain number of lives).

When playing with three or four people, teams can be made in order to give weaker players more of a chance. Players can be on the Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green Team. Weapons can be turned on and off too. This allows for creation of games with more challenge. Characters who do not usually do so well in racing tend to be of use in battle mode, such as Pura or N Gin.

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PostSubject: Re: The modes of CTR   22/7/2009, 12:41

an other great job!! congratulations banana
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PostSubject: Re: The modes of CTR   24/7/2009, 06:27

good. you might want to add that it is much more convenient to play for two players in vs mode than in arcade mode since it lags less (dunno if it's the right term), but when you finish a race, the time is not shown, whereas it is in arcade mode.
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PostSubject: Re: The modes of CTR   1/8/2009, 17:42

good guide is very comprehensive

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PostSubject: Re: The modes of CTR   

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The modes of CTR
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