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 Guide to play CTR Online and record demos.

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PostSubject: Guide to play CTR Online and record demos.   25/6/2015, 23:45

Playing CTR was meant as a party game, but finding partners to play with 15 years after its release is hard. So lets play online now that we can! Very Happy

I wrote this thread long ago to host a tournament online on a spanish gaming community I use to visit, but I never posted it because I was afraid noone will reply nor participate. I translated the text to english (the best I could) to share it with you guys so we can hopefully play some races or battles between us, or maybe host the tournament I originally wrote this thread for.

How this works? Well, it's basically an emulator with a peer-to-peer (This means that with this method, only 2 players are allowed. There is another method up to 4 players, but its more likely to desync and laggier) plugin that syncs emulators. The net performance will depend on both players network connection and the distance between them. For the demos, its just like a log of the inputs of the players, not a big deal. But, if desync happens, things could go crazy.

Whatever, let's get started.

Things you'll need

- 2 computers running Windows, cappable of running CTR on an emulator at 50/60 constant FPS.
- The same emulator, plugins, config, memory card, bios and game version that your online partner.
- A decent network connection. (Best suited for LAN)
- A gamepad is recommended, but not necessary, just like bathing.

Here is the software you'll need. You can choose to download the whole software needed packed in one file or download the components separatedly, in case you already have some of the modules or whatever.

>>Download everything you'll need<<

Things included in this file:



File distribution
Files should be distributed like this::

Configuring the emulator

Video (1 Picture > 1000 words)
In the tab: Config > Video select Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 plugin. Now click Configure...

The only important setting needed is to adjust the FPS limitation. In the Framerate section, tick the Use FPS limit box and adjust the FPS limit to 50 FPS (or 60 for NTSC).

The rest of values are up to the each player, just make sure they doesn't affect the performance and you always hit 50 FPS. If you don't have a good computer, press the Fast button, at the lower left corner.

Audio (1 Picture > 1000 words)
In the tab: Config > Audio select Eternal SPU Plugin 1.50 and tick the Sound enabled box. Again, Configure...

  • Audio device: DirectSound (Buffer Size: 64)
  • Audio out method: SPUasync (Async mode: Simple)
  • Reverb: Neill's (The rest can also be used, but this one won't give problems)
  • Special fixes: All deactivated.

In the tab: Config > Bios select SCPH7502.bin.

Memory Card
In the tab: Config > Memory Cards, select CTR.bin in the first slot and tick the Enable box. Untick the second slot Enable box.

In the tab: Config > Game pad > Port 1 > Pad 1 select the gamepad type [SPCH-1080] Digital and each players configures it as he/she pleases.  In Port 2 > Pad 1 select the same type of gamepad, but this time press the Clear button.

The Multitap option must be deactivated in both Ports.

Netplay (1 Picture > 1000 words)
In the tab: Config > Netplay select Cyberpad 1.4 plugin.

Once you run the game, a window to configure the online game will appear.

In the Options tab, adjust the port for hosting to 27886 (Default). I won't explain here about port forwarding and that stuff, just Google it if you need to.
The player number 1, in the Host tab, select Unknown Game and the press the button Host.
The player number 2, in the Connect tab will write in the Peer IP textbox the IP of the player number 1 (port included) and the press Connect.

To record the game, players can tick the 'Record games when they start' box. When ready to play, tick the 'click here when ready' box to start the game.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To properly save the demo, the game MUST be closed like this: Press ESC and then File > Exit.

In the Chat tab, in case of having downloaded the Open Kaillera Chat, a button to open an IRC client will appear.

Whenever I'm at the computer, I'm at IRC connected to these channels. I recommend you to go there to look up for someone to play with from now on.

  • Server:
  • Channels: #CTR, #CTR4Ever, #CTRGamers
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to play CTR Online and record demos.   26/6/2015, 11:26

Very interesting ! Very Happy i will test this soon Smile
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Guide to play CTR Online and record demos.
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